Our Management Team
Claudia HC SIN - Founder
Full-stack founder
Claudia co-founded ShopLovers.co with 100,000usd turnover, 17,000 members and 20 suppliers across Asia when she was the CEO. She can do pitching, do business development, do UX design, develop software system and fight off hackers at the same time. She studied Computer Science and Engineering Enterprise Management at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Andrew KM Fong - Technical Consultant
10 years experience on large scale mobile & software systems

Andrew Fong has intensive experience on developing and managing large scale mobile & software systems for over a decade. He has in charge of several multinational corporates' clients projects in the past. During his time working on a Fintech project with 1 Million users, he provided professional technology feedbacks and support to the top management of the bank, and also take charge of the cloud platform migration. Andrew is a responsible team lead that motivate and take care of his team, and a detail-oriented full-stack system architect that can both design and write the whole system. He studied Computer Science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.